Hemp is one of the most controversial plants. One sees this plant as a doorway into the drug consumption, the others praise its effect in the sky. The spirits separate themselves from the hemp. The fact is that hemp is one of the oldest and and useful cultivated plants in the world. Hemp oil, one of the most valuable oils is extracted from the hemp plant.

hemp oil

Because of its healing power, the plant was particularly popular in Roman times. Wounded warriors were, e.g. Treated with cannabis leaves. The love of hemp even went so far as to start even wars on it. Until the beginning of the last century, hemp was also used to make paper from the plant, use it as a medicine, or make clothing out of its fibers. But gradually, hemp became more and more out of fashion. Industrialization brought new, faster and cheaper raw materials to the market, and the pharmaceutical industry also discovered how to make cheaper and synthetic drugs. Due to hippie culture, hemp disappeared in the 1970s: cannabis became a stigmatized and illegal drug.

But not everyone who likes the plant consume it for pleasure. There are a lot of health aspects of hemp if we look more closely. The oil obtained from hemp, e.g. Is one of the most interesting cooking oils.

Hemp oil is considered to be one of the most valuable cooking oils

Hemp oil tastes slightly nutty and contains the largest amount of essential fatty acids. Above all, the valuable Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which are also present in the optimal composition of 3: 1, make the hemp oil interesting. Sea fish, which is otherwise the main supplier of Omega 3 fatty acids, is increasingly contaminated by environmental influences. Hemp oil is therefore an alternative. In addition to the omega fatty acids, the oil contains unsaturated linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, two substances that humans have to absorb with the food since the body can not form it itself.

Positive effects of hemp oil on health

The particularly valuable ingredients of hemp oil have a very positive effect on health. Thus, it has a positive effect on increased cholesterol levels and increased blood pressure and thus helps in many cardiovascular diseases. However, people who suffer from such diseases should largely avoid the excessive consumption of animal fats and consume good polyunsaturated fats. Then hemp oil can play all its trumps.

People with hormonal disorders, e.g. Women in menopause, particularly benefit from the contained gamma-linolenic acid. It also helps with stress problems. Measurable effects with regard to inflammation also produces the essential component in the oil – as scientists in Switzerland have found out.

Hemp oil as cosmetics

So hemp oil has very valuable ingredients, which has not been hidden in the cosmetics industry either. The 3: 1 ratio of the fatty acids, which is very close to that of the house (4: 1), stands out. Hemp oil therefore not only penetrates very quickly, but also penetrates quickly into the deeper layers. This is especially effective against dehydration and thus helps with scaly skin, such as occurs in the case of neurodermatitis.

Hemp oil is also used for dandruff and dry scalp. It helps the skin to protect against environmental influences and makes the hair shiny and supple.

Hemp oil is not undisputed

Despite all the positive, hemp is also controversial. The reason is the low-dose THC substance, which is exhilarating. One should consider hemp oil – like all other foods – as what they are: a sensible and natural supplements to a balanced diet. Not more but also not less.


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