Welcome to my blog!

I’m writing my first post with enthusiasm to commence the beginning of new stage in my life after much effort. It has not been easy to get here, but as Wise Man once said: “in the end no one asks you how long it took, but how you got it”

Sorry, I introduce myself: my name is Naveen Kapoor and by profession I’m a Digital Marketer. I love to work, I am proactive, creative and learning every day, but I also enjoy the Sunday nap!

Why my blog “Roadside Marijuana”?

I have friends with different professions such as: web designers, web developers, graphic designers … all of them independent and enterprising professionals, when we talk about their business idea they tell me that their idea is good and they know it, but when we talk about Digital Marketing/ blogging, they have no knowledge of it in the offline or online world.

Well I created this Blog so that i can express and spread everything that comes to be from the world of marijuana – an herb that is badly called drug. This sacred herb as I would define it is a plant that has many forms of use: recreational, medicinal, spiritual, industrial, food, etc. In this blog I present several articles, videos, readings and many more things that can serve us to understand this controversial plant.

I’m sure that I will also learn from all your comments and contributions.


Naveen Kapoor