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The story of Australia’s ‘Ganja Queen’ Schapelle Corby

Schapelle Corby

The Australia’s ‘Ganja Queen’ Schapelle Corby returned to her country this year after spending 13 years imprisoned in Indonesia. Her case was followed in detail by the media and tightened relations between the two countries.

But was she guilty or a victim of a drug trafficking network?

Beginning: Who is Schapelle Corby?

The Australia’s ‘Ganja Queen’ Schapelle Corby not only lost years of her freedom, much of her youth but also feared, to sanity.

Corby, 39, returned to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia few months ago, spent nine years in prison and three others on parole in Indonesia.

The woman was arrested …

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Around 250 million people used drugs in 2015,Says UN

250 million people used drugs in 2015

World Drug Report 2015: 250 million people used drugs in 2015

Five percent of the world’s population consumed some type of drugs in 2015, which is about 250 million people, and at least 190,000 died that year from direct narcotic-related causes, the UN reported.

The UN World Report on Drugs shows particular concern about the situation of 29.5 million people suffering from serious disorders by using substance, including drug addiction, which is the most vulnerable. Only one in six people requiring treatment for these disorders receives assistance, most in developed countries, according to a report prepared by the United Nations Office …

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Why Marijuana Shortage Prompts a “state of emergency” In Nevada

Lack of marijuana prompts ‘state of emergency’ in Nevada

Silver StateNevada is running out of drug and that drug is Marijuana. Yes, this controversial drug marijuana is running out just less than two weeks after the drug went on sale legally. Looking at the situation Nevada officials have declared a state of emergency over marijuana.

Why marijuana shortage in nevada?

Nevada is facing a shortage of drug and that drug is this notorious drug Marijuana. State of Nevada has already declared emergency. Two weeks after the sales kicked off of recreational pot. Nevada is now making an emergency regulation because their is not enough pot. Stores in Nevada is running …

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Everything You Need To Know About THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)


THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the best known cannabinol in the cannabis plant; Is primarily responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis.


What is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive component of cannabis, we can say that it is responsible for the “To get high” always depending on the amount of THC concentration in the seeds and the amount consumed. In the pure state they look like crystals at low temperatures, when heat is applied it becomes viscous and sticky.

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, ATHC, is the most abundant cannabinoid of cannabis, which is converted into …

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10 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Marijuana

Facts about Marijuana

When we talk about the positive effects of drugs on health, we often encounter a debate between those who defend their use and those who do not.

Especially, when we talk about substances that have a  recreational purpose, as is the case of marijuana.

Research on the Health benefits of Marijuana

In the last couple of years there are many studies that have been done regarding this drug, and some affirm that it has various health benefits. Those who defend this argument explain that this substance must be taken into account by the beneficial effects of its use as medicine.

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Asheville leaders back medical marijuana bills

Asheville leaders back medical marijuana bills

Asheville leaders back medical marijuana measures

With the support of House Bill 185 and Senate Bill 648 and state lawmakers, Asheville City Council has unanimously passed a resolution this last Tuesday night to legalize medical marijuana.

After hearing from several city residents about the impact the statewide ruling would have on them and how medical marijuana has helped them or family members with cancer,  the city council voted in favour for legalizing the usage of marijuana. Impact of this bill is that some residents of …

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Cannabis and Red eyes

cannabis and red eyes

Why cannabis causes my eyes to turn red?

When you smoke a joint you will have noticed that the eyes are red. The reason would be for the active compound of cannabis (THC) that would lower blood pressure which would also cause blood vessel dilation and increased blood flow throughout the body.

This would directly impact the arteries of the eyeballs, so you would get only one result: red eyes. and we give you another data attachment: red eyes can not only occur when we smoke marijuana, but also when we consume other products that contain cannabis like cookies, …

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What is Marijuana? It’s Effects, Medical Uses & Legalization


Marijuana or cannabis is probably the most commonly used illegal drug in the world. At least, it is in some countries like India or the United States. However, marijuana use has already been legalized in different parts of the world. Smoking marijuana is one of the drug habits that has least social reproach . It has long been seen by society as a less harmful drug, even many people promote medical marijuana and the benefits of its use for treatments of different diseases.

The debate on the legalization weed is reopening and there are already many countries such …

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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

I’m writing my first post with enthusiasm to commence the beginning of new stage in my life after much effort. It has not been easy to get here, but as Wise Man once said: “in the end no one asks you how long it took, but how you got it”

Sorry, I introduce myself: my name is Naveen Kapoor and by profession I’m a Digital Marketer. I love to work, I am proactive, creative and learning every day, but I also enjoy the Sunday nap!

Why my blog “Roadside Marijuana”?

I have friends with different professions …

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