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Cannabis and Red eyes

cannabis and red eyes

Why cannabis causes my eyes to turn red?

When you smoke a joint you will have noticed that the eyes are red. The reason would be for the active compound of cannabis (THC) that would lower blood pressure which would also cause blood vessel dilation and increased blood flow throughout the body.

This would directly impact the arteries of the eyeballs, so you would get only one result: red eyes. and we give you another data attachment: red eyes can not only occur when we smoke marijuana, but also when we consume other products that contain cannabis like cookies, …

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What is Marijuana? It’s Effects, Medical Uses & Legalization


Marijuana or cannabis is probably the most commonly used illegal drug in the world. At least, it is in some countries like India or the United States. However, marijuana use has already been legalized in different parts of the world. Smoking marijuana is one of the drug habits that has least social reproach . It has long been seen by society as a less harmful drug, even many people promote medical marijuana and the benefits of its use for treatments of different diseases.

The debate on the legalization weed is reopening and there are already many countries such …

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