An in-depth comparison between two types of drugs that are used for pain relief: Opioids Vs. Cannabis and why cannabis offer an alternative to opioids.

Cannabis Vs. Opioids

There are different options that can be used for pain relief. What you should prefer, Cannabis or Opioids?

The treatment of pain depends not only on the patient’s condition or illness, but also on his preferences.
Unfortunately the pain has always been present since the man began to suffer diseases. Pain is an indicator that something is not right in the body. Since ages we human being haven’t decided which is the best suitable way to treat pain, with traditional medicine or alternative medicine.

Today we will talk about two types of drugs Cannabis or Opioids that are used for pain relief.

New studies are being done every day and one of them was recently published by Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research where it reveals that most patients prefer to treat pain with medicinal cannabis and many believe it is equal to or more effective than opioids.

Cannabis for pain relief can be a successful substitute

Based on the results that showed that of the 2810 participants who used cannabis, 828 had used opioids as a way to treat pain. These patients ensured that the use of cannabis is a successful opioid substitute for pain medications,

Ninety-seven percent of patients agree that they are able to reduce the amount of opioids if they also consume cannabis.

But more importantly, 81% of respondents said that only with cannabis use does a more effective effect.

In addition, in many patients we have found less indications against medical cannabis, than in opioids, which in most cases affect other systems in the body.

Cannabis Helps Fight Opioid Abuse

Cannabis Helps Fight Opioid Abuse

On the other hand opioids are still important drugs for pain relief, but unfortunately many people die daily from the abuse of these drugs.

In the United States, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over 100 people die daily from combinations of heroin and prescription opioids like morphine or codeine.

In that case,  cannabis could be a great candidate to reduce abuse, such as the number of deaths, since no overdose has been recorded and patients support their effectiveness in treating pain.

Scientists like Zach Walsh, a cannabis researcher, clinical psychologist at the University of British Columbia, says more research is needed to get a better understanding of the effectiveness of cannabis to reduce pain.

No doubt cannabis is giving excellent results in patients, their preference is still opioids because it generate side effects and it is easy to fall into abuse and addiction.

Cannabis VS. Opioids: The Difference [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cannabis vs opioids Infographic


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