Why cannabis causes my eyes to turn red?

cannabis and red eyes

When you smoke a joint you will have noticed that the eyes are red. The reason would be for the active compound of cannabis (THC) that would lower blood pressure which would also cause blood vessel dilation and increased blood flow throughout the body.

This would directly impact the arteries of the eyeballs, so you would get only one result: red eyes. and we give you another data attachment: red eyes can not only occur when we smoke marijuana, but also when we consume other products that contain cannabis like cookies, brownies, etc.

Although many consumers prefer to avoid their effect for reasons of aesthetics and dissimulation, it should be noted that it is a property of THC that also has several advantages. In the field of medical marijuana, it is used to combat glaucoma, a disease whose main symptom is increasing intraocular pressure, which can lead to permanent damage and lead to blindness.

Several studies have pointed to the advantages of medical marijuana in this regard, indicating that cannabis can relieve pressure with 25% more efficacy than vasodilators sold in pharmacies. Aside from glaucoma, the unique effect of THC ( Tetrahydrocannabinol ) is that it helps fight any infection that involves increasing blood pressure.

Here’s are few ways to get rid of rid eyes fast:

Eye Drops: This is one of the best known and used methods to remove the eye from the red. The most effective eye drops are those that help prevent dry eye that contain Vasoconstriction. There are also the specific drops for red eyes.

Slice cucumber: Cut some slices of gherkin and leave them in a glass with ice for about 5 minutes. Then you put them over your eyes and a damp cloth on top. Ideally do this for about 20 minutes to get the desired result.

Towel and ice: You can also put a towel over your eyes to get rid of the red eyes. You can also solve this redness by placing an ice cube over your eyes and with a towel over it.

Chamomile infusion: It is a quite used and recommended natural method. On cotton you put a little infusion of chamomile, this causes your eyes to relax. They also clean the eyes and prevent us from suffering from infections such as conjunctivitis.

Other forms of prevention of red eyes

* Consume lots of water during the day

* Consume berries (fruits of the forest)

* Add food with calcium and magnesium

* Adding barley to the diet

* Eat foods that have vitamin C, fruits and vegetables

According to medical expert, there is no great way to get rid of this symptom, so the drops are still the most effective known mechanism.

You can also try eating foods with caffeine, chocolate or salt to regulate blood pressure by taking THC.