The effects of marijuana on sexual life is a controversial subject. Marijuana is one of the substances or drugs that has always been linked to a rather fantastic type of sexual experience, or at least there is a certain belief among those who consume marijuana¬†to have better sex. But is it really a fact or just myth that says Marijuana lead to better sex life. In this article, we will dig into this controversial topic that people often asked me on social media specially by women’s. Let’s found out if marijuana lead to better sex life or it’s just a myth.

marijuana lead to better sex life

According to Eastern Philosophy, marijuana is the substance that has a greater relevance as a sexual enhancer. Marijuana has been very successful when it is used as an aphrodisiac, because it raises the sexual desire.

In the second case, a study from the University of Ottawa, Canada, explains that marijuana use would not allow better sex from the perspective of atrophy of erectile function, because one of its active substances, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) , binds to certain receptors in the smooth muscle of the penis..

In addition, some of its compounds decrease vaginal lubrication and the production of testosterone, which is one that hormone who is responsible for generating sexual appetite, directly affecting the excitation.

In fact, until now there are no indisputable arguments or conclusive studies that confirm that marijuana lead to better sex life.

The history of how Marijuana Lead To Better Sex Life in ancient India.

Marijuana has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years, ironically, it has also been used to decrease the sexual appetite. Ancient sacred texts reveal that marijuana was used to increase sexual pleasure but modern research leaves us an equally important lesson: the effects of marijuana are determined by personality, physiology, intention, environment and culture of the user.

The first relationship between sex and marijuana in Indian culture dates back to three thousand years ago (probably its relationship is much older). The culture of ancient India is closely associated with the consumption of marijuana for sexual activity. Cannabis has been used in India for at least 3,000 years, probably much longer. Traditional Indian medicine advises the use of cannabis  to solve problems of sexual impotence, increase sexual desire and other diseases related to sex.

tantric sex

There are dozens of cannabis prescriptions that are prescribed as aphrodisiacs and were said to have the ability to increase erection time, facilitate vaginal lubrication, delay ejaculation, and sexually disinhibit. They are recipes with names like: shrimadananda modaka, Vajikarana uttama, majun falaskari, bhang roghan, among others.

The use for sexual purposes of marijuana ended up being part of the rituals of Tantra transcending the use in medicine and hedonism. Tantra is a mystical religion that proposes mental exercises (such as meditation and yoga) and physical exercises to reach Nirvana.

Currently the marihuana-Tantra relationship is almost non-existent, but formerly they had a very intense relationship. The rituals consisted of groups of “purified” men and faithful women who shared activities such as sex, fasting, prayer, singing, ceremonial baths, and Kundalini yoga. Tantra rituals related to marijuana go back at least AD 700. Even in modern India, marijuana is considered a sacred medicinal drink that cures disease, brings good luck, drives away evil spirits and purifies sins.

Also included in the tantric rituals are hot shakes based on marijuana concentrates or well mixed with other ingredients such as milk, sugar, pepper, almonds, cardamom, poppy seeds, ginger and other herbs. That shake is called bhang. Currently bhang is prescribed as a sacred medicinal drink and is used to treat a large number of physical and spiritual ailments.

The ritual of worshiping beauty

marijuana and sex

The tantric ritual continued with the consecration of feminine beauty and energy: men bathed as a ritual and sanctified their female partners, washing them with holy water, combing them, perfuming them and placing them on a silk bed. Then a ritual was performed in which the woman’s forehead was touched, following the eyes, nose, mouth, arms and thighs until finally reaching the vagina.

The aim of tantric ritual was to prolong sexual union as long as possible. Men and women used yoga breathing, meditation and neuromuscular control to achieve “endless orgasms” without ejaculation or the release of other substances that cause “exhaustion”

The sacred texts describe this practice of cannabis-assisted sex claim that it could last seven or eight hours until, finally, a glow of fire engulfed lovers in an orgasm in which the whole body participated, which translated into suppression of “mental ideation” and the ego.

Marijuana and its use as an aphrodisiac in other cultures

Tantric uses of cannabis are probably among the most beautiful and touching interactions of sexuality and cannabis, but there are also other cultures with tradition that contemplate it.

A popular nineteenth-century Serbia drug, called Nasha that was based on Nasha cannabis. Virgin women were given this mixture of lamb fat and cannabis on their wedding night, to lessen the pain of their first sexual intercourse. This practice also occurs in modern India, where newlyweds drink infusions and eat bhang sweets. Indian prostitutes are also known to take doses of bhang sorbet to feel sexually aroused, even when the client is fat, ugly and stupid.

Serbian women mixed cannabis with egg white, saffron and sugar to make “guc-kand,” a tonic that incites an erotic mood and (ironically) was given to young people to alleviate the pain of circumcision. Cannabis tonics were also given to crying children to calm their crying. The information indicates that this remedy returned them right to the world of smiles.

Serbian men used a potent mixture of hashish, almond butter, dried rose petals, carnation petals, saffron, nutmeg, cardamom, honey, sugar and root of Anacylius pyrethrum (pyrethrum) to infuse their value. In their view, this “happy broth” was a superaphrodisiac.

In Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and other parts of the Middle East and North Africa, marijuana was used for sexual purposes even until the beginning of the 20th century. The grass was usually in a particularly potent form called “kif”. Wives and concubines were supplied with “kif” and used it when men were not around for their frequent erotic fantasies and games. Marijuana had a reputation for allowing women to become sexually uninhibited, a particularly important advantage in cultures where they were routinely oppressed.

marijuana sex

Contemporary use of marijuana in sexuality

In countries such as Canada and the United States, interactions between cannabis and sexuality are complicated by gender politics, puritanism, laws, and tensions in industrial life.

Some research articles and books provide useful information on marijuana and sex. Their authors conclude that people who enjoy marijuana tend to enjoy sex, and (surprise!) That sex and marijuana can be a powerful combination.

Most of those who used maria for this purpose reported that they became excited about the effects of marijuana. Users said that marijuana not only increased sexual desire, but also their ability to appreciate sexual pleasure was greater when they smoked.

Effects of cannabis in the practice of sex. Less is more

The effects of marijuana on sexual life depend on the level of intoxication. Recent studies show that with levels of consumption between low to moderate and adequate doses most people experience greater communication skills with their respective partners.

On the other hand, the men manifest to feel:

Increased resistance
Greater sensitivity to touch
Longer and stronger orgasms

While women report having:

Increased vaginal moisture
Increased ability to control the vaginal muscles
Increased excitation capacity

Some Sativa / Indica Marijuana users feels that spiritual, emotional, and psychological effects are similar to tantric effects: sexual intercourse for them is an exchange of energies, the moment they joined their bodies in a cosmic circuit. In their opinion, this exchange restores and balances the energy.

Some respondents said that sex made them forget their own ego and moved to spiritual realms, where the sexual act itself has a symbolic and universal significance. Others also claimed that marijuana made them feel more love for their partners and a greater recognition of sexuality. Marijuana users with experience in yoga and meditation felt that marijuana increased awareness of their visceral organs and subtle internal processes.

marijuana sex

Marijuana during love acts as a sensory stimulus and emotional disinhibition: it usually increases the perception of temperature, taste, touch, visual perception, body knowledge, musical and auditory enjoyment, and the creation of fantasies and the humor. Other common effects include changes in the perception of time: you often have the feeling that time slows down. Probably most of the people who consume marijuana during sexual intercourse do so by looking for these effects.

Paradoxically, these same effects are cited by detractors of the use of marijuana in sex. They believe that marijuana use interferes with their ability to feel pleasure. It is even used as a way to reduce sexual desire on the part by monks and ascetics.

Marijuana, homosexuality and masturbation

So far, we’ve only talked about marijuana studies and heterosexual sex. Unfortunately, specific research on cannabis and homosexuality is practically non-existent. And, on the other hand, very few studies to respect cannabis and masturbation simply indicate that it increases sexual pleasure because it basically increases the ability to create sexual fantasies.

Studies show that stereotypical differences between the sexes were maintained: women are more conservative than men when it comes to cannabis use, relinquishing control, and enjoying a state of increased drug-induced arousal. One woman complained to the researchers that after consuming cannabis, she had “had sex with a man she did not love.” Another person said she was afraid to use it because she “had sex just because she felt pleasure instead of a true relationship with his partner. “

The “typical” attitude of many men towards sex can be observed in the statements of a man who stated that “there is something comical about that women need a reason to have sex, but men only need a chance. I have sex because I love the feeling, I love the woman’s body, I love seeing them reach their orgasm.

Contrary to the myth of insanity in which marijuana automatically causes uncontrollable sexual desire, we see that although cannabis and sexuality have been closely related for over thousands of years, each of us has a unique set of parameters that determine our psycho-sexuality and increases or decreases desire and sexual enjoyment under the effects of marijuana.

What is meant by smoking cannabis

Anthropology studies indicate that cannabis religions recognize the metaphysical potential of the female cannabis plant.

“Cultures of sacred cannabis tend to recognize the” goddess “, understanding as such the mother earth, yin or feminine beauty and virtues. It can be said that those people who are under the effects of marijuana maintain a type of sexual union with the plant: they establish a sexual relation with a molecule of THC that is implanted in their brain.

“Since cannabis is associated with female deities, such as Kali, it can be said that when marijuana is used for sexual purposes, a very special woman is being invited into our bed. Make sure you are ready to maintain this relationship. ”

Specialists do not recommend using this drug or any other drug to manipulate a sexual experience. The intimacy encounter for yourself, as well as everything around you, should be stimulating enough to be satisfying. We hope with this article answered all your questions regarding Marijuana Lead To Better Sex Life.