Bob Dylan,The Beatles and Marijuana

When Bob Dylan,The Beatles and Marijuana mixed up together and created history on August 28, 1964 at the Hotel Delmonico in New York

Friday August 28, 1964 is a crucial date in the history of rock; However, there is not much talk about it in magazines, on the radio, and much less on television. A journey that was to go down in history. It happened in 1964, a truly intense year for the Beatles. The already popular British band was about to mark a milestone in the history of the international music with the beginning of its first tour to the United States.

For decades, there were many supporters of the Liverpool band who thought their idols had never used cannabis. With their good kids’ faces, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr did not seem to have killed a fly in their lives. But, as they have revealed themselves, it was not until they met Bob Dylan during their first tour of the United States when they were charmed by the benefits of marijuana.

The Beatles had been in New York for a few days after performing in cities such as Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Denver, Vancouver, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle and Bob Dylan was also in town. The journalist Al Aronowitz, one of the most popular names in the world of rock, saw very clear opportunity to bring together these two icons of the music of the moment and did not hesitate to organize an appointment for the Beatles and Bob Dylan to know each other in person.

In the afternoon of August 28, 1964,for many what has been a musical milestone that, although in principle not strictly related to music, would radically change the way of composing songs in that special encounter.

That day, according to John Lennon, one of the founders of the English band, Dylan offered them marijuana and for the first time the Beatles consumed this notorious drug marijuana.

With the inspirational history of Bob Dylan,The Beatles and Marijuana, we as a fan of marijuana, who are demanding legalization of cannabis industry can easily fight our War.

“I don’t remember much what we talked about. We were smoking dope, drinking wine and generally being rock’n’rollers and having a laugh, you know, and surrealism. It was party time”

John Lennon

“We met Dylan in New York. That was the first time I actually smoked marijuana and I laughed and laughed and laughed, it was fabulous, “said drummer Ringo Starr.


“We first got marijuana from an older drummer with another group in Liverpool. We didn’t actually try it until after we’d been to Hamburg. I remember we smoked it in the band room in a gig in Southport and we all learnt to do the Twist that night, which was popular at the time. We were all seeing if we could do it. Everybody was saying, ‘This stuff isn’t doing anything.’ It was like that old joke where a party is going on and two hippies are up floating on the ceiling, and one is saying to the other, ‘This stuff doesn’t work, man.’ George Harrison


“I remember asking Mal, our road manager, for what seemed like years and years, ‘Have you got a pencil?’ But of course everyone was so stoned they couldn’t produce a pencil, let alone a combination of pencil and paper.

I’d been going through this thing of levels, during the evening. And at each level I’d meet all these people again. ‘Hahaha! It’s you!’ And then I’d metamorphose on to another level. Anyway, Mal gave me this little slip of paper in the morning, and written on it was, ‘There are seven levels!’ Actually it wasn’t bad. Not bad for an amateur. And we pissed ourselves laughing. I mean, ‘What the fuck’s that? What the fuck are the seven levels?’ But looking back, it’s actually a pretty succinct comment; it ties in with a lot of major religions but I didn’t know that then.” Paul McCartney


It is said that since that meeting was arranged by the journalist Al Aronowitz, who was covering the activities of Dylan, the Beatles began to write better musical letters, with “greater depth”.


” Brian and the Beatles looked at each other apprehensively. “We’ve never smoked marijuana before,” Brian finally admitted. Dylan looked disbelievingly from face to face. “But what about your song?” he asked. “The one about getting high?”
The Beatles were stupefied. “Which song?” John managed to ask.
Dylan said, “You know…” and then he sang, “and when I touch you I get high, I get high…”

John flushed with embarrassment. “Those aren’t the words,” he admitted. “The words are, ‘I can’t hide, I can’t hide, I can’t hide…'”  Peter Brown


What happens when big music stars coincide, things turn out to be an unpredictable, but it seems that when there is marijuana in between everything ends up being laughter and good vibes. It is also noteworthy that the mutual admiration between the Beatles and Bob Dylan was prior to that encounter and that the marijuana did nothing but strengthen the bonds of a friendship that was to take place at any moment.

But without a doubt the most curious thing about this meeting between artists at the Hotel Delmonico is what half a century later Paul McCartney himself would confess during an interview: it was during this meeting that the band was truly introduced into cannabis culture.


Contrary to what has been speculated for a long time, the Beatles did not come to the United States as virgin souls in the consumption of marijuana. Lennon himself recognized on numerous occasions that the consumption of these substances was already widespread among jazz musicians and Liverpool bars and that they had probably smoked without even knowing what they were consuming.


It is known that the now Nobel Prize for Literature has always been a marijuana  fan, and his invitation was a way to strengthen relationships and to break the ice.


After that incident, beatles just became passionate about marijuana as they began producing their most creative, artistic and experimental albums, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, album known for being produced not only by the influence of their experiences with cannabis but also by those they had with LSD. They left their cheesy vein a little sideways for something much more transcendental and harmonious, Within You Without You. They mature artistically in all possible way.

All we can say Bob Dylan,The Beatles and Marijuana are the best things happened to music and cannabis industry