Asheville leaders back medical marijuana bills

Asheville leaders back medical marijuana measures

With the support of House Bill 185 and Senate Bill 648 and state lawmakers, Asheville City Council has unanimously passed a resolution this last Tuesday night to legalize medical marijuana.

After hearing from several city residents about the impact the statewide ruling would have on them and how medical marijuana has helped them or family members with cancer,  the city council voted in favour for legalizing the usage of marijuana. Impact of this bill is that some residents of Asheville also spoke about decriminalizing possession of marijuana. 

Voices for Medical Marijuana

Woman named Terri Boyd, who has lost several family members to cancer, spoke about how she educates about the benefits of medical marijuana and hemp. She further explained  “I work one on one everyday with patients that are dying because they don’t have access to this,” said Boyd. “They are suffering. And it’s not right. They should be able to have access to this right here where we live.”

Another young woman spoke about her dealing with Crohn’s disease said medical marijuana helped her in regaining her health after she dropped to 80 pounds.

One mother spoke about how marijuana helped her son in fighting brain cancer. She said he now only has a small tumor.

How Todd Stimson Helped in legalizing Medical Marijuana

Todd Stimson, the Fletcher man released in April after serving a 25-month sentence for marijuana trafficking, helped City Council draft the resolution. He also speak about his ongoing commitment to fighting for the legal use of marijuana for medical purposes.

According to Todd “Cannabis allows tens of millions of citizens to mitigate or eliminate their symptoms without becoming addicted or incapacitated. Without support for legislation, the citizens who really get hurt are those who need marijuana the most.”

City Council member Cecil Bothwell commented that Dr. Ron Paulus, CEO of Mission Health, has said that replacing opioid pain medication with cannabis is the only way to cure the epidemic of opioid addiction.

Asheville City Council unanimously approved the resolution in support of medical cannabis as part of its consent agenda.